The Facility Management Master Craft Program

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The Facility Management Master Craft Program is aimed at:

Equipping practicing/professional Facility/Property managers with up-to-date industry knowledge and skills.
Addressing Individuals who would like to make the transition from any prior field of study and experience into facility management as a career of choice.

Improving the staff’s efficiency whereby making them understand how to save cost, think more strategically, manage workspace, improve their communication skills etc. the company also gets discount by sending two or more staff to our training.
providing opportunities for those who may require employment in facility management. As the program is designed to ensure that participants in this category possess all the requirements to guarantee very good Facility Management jobs after going through the 9-months program.

Training individuals who are wishing to start their own FM companies with the right knowledge and skills.


The classes will run for a period of 3 months followed by further 6 months of workplace internship and practical, making a total of 9 months. Classes will hold 2 weekday evenings and Saturdays

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