Business Analytics for Managers – Introduction

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Date: July 23rd & 24th, 2018 (2 days)

Data Analytics is currently an indispensable part of all organizations. It is being applied in most departments such as Finance, Marketing, customer service and even HR. The advantages of effective data analytics in a company include; Optimization of all-round business decisions, reduction of costs, Product/services improvement, and product/service creation. With Analytics a new concept in most organizations we are sometimes short of proper understanding of what it really entails or what value it brings to the table. Without this understanding, managers cannot decide if it is worth the financial investment and analysts do not know if acquiring skills in data analytics would increase their analytical abilities and professional worth. This course is focused on developing an all-around understanding of data analytics, its strengths and areas of applications. It will separate the myth from the facts and give participants a practitioner’s view of what data analytics really entails by adopting real scenarios to buttress key points. Data Analytics might be a bit more than you envisaged.

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