YouTube Thumbnail Creation: Power of Images for SEO Video Marketing

Youtube Tumbnails

Thumbnails can make a big difference in views you receive within a search and a thumbnail is worth more than the description written cause nobody actually reads the description at first.

Thumbnails are important in search results and in suggested videos.

  • In YouTube Search, a better thumbnail can get you more clicks even if your video ranks lower in the search results. People look at visual cues first when they are looking for content. Having an appealing video thumbnail can really make a difference.
  • Google Search – your video already has an advantage over websites in that videos in search results have Thumbnails. Use this more effectively to drive traffic to your video.
  • Suggested Videos – The suggested videos is one of the best sources for traffic to your YouTube Videos. Stand out from the crowd and get more clicks on your video.

Why you should consider optimization of your thumbnails!

  • more professional impression of your video
  • YouTube does not pick the most optimal image for your video
  • Your audience grows as people look at thumbnails first when deciding a video to watch
  • A quicker way to convince viewers to pick your video
  • Answer the viewer’s question and entice them on viewing your video
  • thumbnails can reinforce your video title and send a stronger message to the potential viewer.
  • Channel branding and consistency

Important factors in Thumbnail Optimization

  • Make them eye-catching
  • Use good contrast of colours
  • Represent your content
  • Always create …

Who this course is for:

  • YouTube Video marketers who want to grow their channels
  • SEO and promoters who want to get more views
  • Anyone who is interested in Marketing
  • A digital marketing professional who want to promote videos

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