Understanding the Ebola Virus and How You Can Avoid It


An outbreak of the Ebola virus has occurred in West African countries, and infected individuals have died in Spain and America. The mortality rate from the Ebola virus is extremely high and an outbreak of the virus can have serious consequences for the health of individuals who are infected by it, and on the health resources of communities and countries where the outbreak occurs. This free online health literacy course from Alison will explain in clear and simple terms what the Ebola virus is, where the outbreak has occurred, what the signs and symptoms of an infection are, how an infection is treated, and how to avoid becoming infected. It also explains some common misunderstandings about the virus that can occur in communities where outbreaks happen. This course will be of great interest to any learner who lives in or near regions where an outbreak of the Ebola virus has occurred and who would like to learn more about the virus and how to avoid becoming infected. It will also be of great interest to all health workers would like a free resource to help individuals and communities better understand the Ebola virus and how an outbreak of it can be controlled.

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