Stress Management – How Stress Affects Your Health


Stress Management – How Stress Affects Your Health is a course that will teach you about the different ways stress can affect your health. You will learn about the nervous system and how it induces stress and how the brain responds during a stressful situation. You will also learn how stress affects different organs.

The course begins be explaining disorders that can be caused by stress and the symptoms to look out for. You will learn about the different parts of the brain and which of these parts are triggered by stress. You will also learn the role of the endocrine system during a stressful period and be able to explain how stress can have a number of effects on the immune system.

The second module will delve into the psychiatric disorders that are associated with stress. You will be given real-life examples to help you further understand the effects of stress and explain how the immune system’s ability to fight of antigens is reduced when you are stressed.
This course is suitable for anyone wishing to learn more about how stress can be caused and how we respond to it.

This course would suit students studying science and how the brain works or psychology.

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