Managing Water Resources for Human Health


Planet Earth is known as the blue planet due to the large amount of water present on its surface. However, less than one percent of total water is available to humans as usable freshwater. With increasing population growth and the effects of climate change hundreds of millions of people around the world, in both developed and developing nations, are facing an uncertain future in terms of the water resources that will be available to them for use.

This course looks at aspects of water resources and their management, and how this can affect human health. The course begins with a review of water and its various uses, and it then looks in detail at the water cycle that supplies vital freshwater for use by humans, how water is treated for human consumption and how clean freshwater is vital for human health. The course then looks at water resource and water supply management, and how pollution can cause water stress.

This course will be of great interest to professionals working in health, international development or environmental organisations who want to learn more about water resources and their management or to students who would like to learn more about how managing water resources may affect their lives.

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