Introduction to Stress Management


Learn about stress and the history of stress by studying the course Introduction to Stress Management. You will learn about the different types of stress and what can trigger each of them. You will also learn the three stages of stress and be able to explain each of them individually.

The course begins by introducing you to stress and the history and genesis of stress research. You will learn about the differences between eustress and distress. You will also be able to explain the importance of how stress can be helpful to an individual.

The course will inform you about stressors and the different types of stressors. People react differently in stressful situations, from this course, you will be able to explain why this is and why some people return to their resting rate sooner than others after a stressful situation. The course will then present you with information on how to bounce back from stress and the role of personality factors in stress.

Finally, you will learn about how stress can occur in college for both a fresher and a senior student and ways to overcome this stress. This free Alison course would be of great interest to anyone who suffers from stress or those who have studied, or going to study, psychology and stress management.

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