Diploma in Marketing Management


Gain a broad overview of marketing and marketing management by studying the course Diploma in Marketing Management. It also discusses ways to capture marketing insights in order to aid marketers in making decisions about their products or services.

The course begins by introducing you to the process of marketing and core marketing concepts. You will learn about the marketing of products and services and how they differ. You will also learn about the theory behind modern marketing and how it has evolved over the years. Next, you will be introduced to competitor analysis and its important features. You will learn about marketing objectives, strategies, PESTEL framework, SWOT analysis and how they can be used in marketing.This course will also teach you the ways of doing competition and customer analyses.

Next, you will be introduced to the marketing information system and its essential components and how it is used by marketers. You will also learn about the marketing research process, different types of marketing research and how it is used to capture marketing insights.

Finally, you will learn different ways in which marketing research can be approached. You will learn about measurement, scaling and how they are used in marketing research. You will also get introduced to the process of sampling and the features of different sampling techniques. You will also learn how data is collected and prepared in order to be ready for analysis and data analysis methods.

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