Diploma in Applied Psychology – Consumer Behavior


The course Diploma in Applied Psychology – Consumer Behavior introduces the psychological processes behind the behavior of consumers and how they make their decisions. This course begins by reviewing the nature and scope of consumer behavior, and how it evolved from other disciplines such as psychology and sociology into its own distinct field of study. You will learn about the application of consumer behavior and how studying it helps marketers formulate appropriate marketing strategies for consumers and their environment. The course then describes in detail both General Models and Specific Models of consumer behavior which attempt to explain how and why consumers behave as they do, and what factors may impact the buying decision process. The course then introduces you to the nature and functions of attitudes in general and how researchers have described four structural models of attitudes. You will also learn how attitudes are formed and what factors influence attitudes enough to change them. You will learn about the two main theories that have been developed to explain how and why attitudes change, and you will learn how marketers can use this information to design marketing strategies that positively influence consumers’ attitudes. Finally, the course introduces you to the nature of personality in general and you will learn about the differences between personality types and personality traits. You will also review aspects of self-concept and self-image and see how these help shape each consumer’s personality. The course introduces theories of personality developed by psychologists and you’ll learn how marketers can adapt these theories during the design, development and implementation of marketing strategies. This Diploma course will be of great interest to marketers and business professionals working in the area of consumer marketing who would like to learn more about the psychology of consumer behavior.

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