Applied Psychology – Understanding Models of Consumer Behavior


Applied Psychology – Understanding Models of Consumer Behavior will introduce you to models of how consumers approach the marketplace and how they each go through the buying decision process differently.

The psychological makeup varies between consumers and this impacts greatly on the final decision each consumer makes. The course first introduces you to the four models of consumers which researchers have identified. These models help marketers determine how consumers may approach a particular marketplace.

The course then describes in detail both General Models and Specific Models of consumer behavior which attempt to explain how and why consumers behave as they do, and what factors may impact the buying decision process. Consumer behavior models help a marketer in identifying and understanding a wide range of variables that could explain consumer behavior. In this way these models help a marketer understand and predict buyer behavior, and they help the marketer formulate better marketing programs and strategies.

This course will be of great interest to all professionals in the area of marketing and psychology who would like to know more about consumer behavior models and their importance in creating effective marketing campaigns.

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