Advanced Diploma in Workforce Re-entry Skills


The Advanced Diploma in Workforce Re-entry Skills is a comprehensive e-learning course that will help you develop the key skills needed by people re-entering the modern workforce, and studying this course will give you the confidence to apply for work positions that are of interest to you. The course first introduces you to the skills needed as part of your job search and career planning. You will learn how to organize and plan an appropriate job search based on your skills and qualifications. You will also learn how to write up a suitable cover letter and résumé when applying for a job. Employers expect all employees to have certain basic skills, in particular, basic IT skills. In this course will you will learn how to improve your touch typing skills and you will learn how to use Microsoft Word 2010 to create documents. You will also be introduced to Microsoft Excel 2010 where you will learn how to create basic spreadsheets and manipulate numbers within them. Having a good knowledge and understanding of customer service is important in any business or organisation and this course brings you through the key skills in customer service so that you will be able to handle customer inquiries or complaints in a friendly, efficient and professional manner. The food service industry is a very important employer for people wanting to re-enter the workforce and this course will give you a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the health and safety issues related to food service which you can use when applying for positions within the food service industry. This Advanced Diploma course will be of great interest to all learners who would like to gain the necessary skills to re-enter the modern workforce and gain meaningful and long-term employment.

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